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December 2016

Chris Gowen, Magician, joined us to talk about how he got started in magic and show us a really amazing trick! 

November 2016

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Bailey of Morgan's Mission joined us to talk about her work with suicide awareness including the article she wrote for us to go with her feature on our cover.

Read more: BaileysStoryECM 

And from Morgan's mom: ParentsPerspectiveNatasha

October 2016

Sprout Natural Nutrition joined us to chat about Healthy AND Fun Halloween snacks for kids. 

September 2016

J'Adore Dance owners join us to chat about what makes their studio special, the growth they've seen with their 10yr Anniversary on the horizon and Will shows us some awesome tap moves! 

August 2016

Andrea from Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival joins us on Global Edmonton to talk about all the fun coming up at KidsFringe

July 2016

Stacy/Cinderella and Stephanie/Snow White from Positively Princess’d join us to talk about being a fairytale princesses for charity. 

June 2016

Oyaco products joined us on Global Edmonton to talk about some of the great gear they have for an awesome summer. 

**pls note that the prizes have been drawn for this BUT we invite you to join us at our ECM Family Picnic in the Park for a chance to win more great Oyaco goodies. 

April 2016

This month we discuss summer camps by the ages, and dig deeper into the Progressive Academy “Mountain Adventure School,” which allows teens to gain high school credits while learning outdoor skills at a camp near Rocky Mountain House. 

March 2016

Orthodontists Dr. Ian Mckee and Dr. Shawn Russett from Signature Orthodontics joined the Morning News to talk about oral health in children and whether all kids need to go see an orthodontists.

February 2016

This month we talk with blogger Trent Wilkie AKA TheUndad and his son, Junior about the decision to become a stay-at-home dad and write about the challenges and rewards of doing so.

January 2016

We were joined by a sleep expert to discuss babies and sleep. 

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