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House of Koopslie fleece-lined bamboo collection for kids

November 14th, 2014

neck warmer - 19.99

Fleece-lined bamboo neck warmer. How many kids like having a zipper done all the way up and rubbing under their chin? We don't know of any. If yours do, then you're truly lucky. The neck warmer was designed to solve the problem of kids not liking their jacket zippers done all the way up and thus making little necks and chests cold, and parents worried. Slip this ultra-stretchy neck warmer over your child's head and their neck and chest will be covered and protected from the wind and the cold.

mitten with extra long cuff - 19.99

Fleece-lined bamboo mittens. These mittens come in a variety of colours, two sizes and feature an extra-long cuff. The cuff is awesome for so many reasons. Number one, it fully covers your child's wrist, so that skin between the jacket and the mitten that was once exposed and cold, is covered and warm. Number two, slip the mitten cuff over your child's sleeve before putting their jacket on, and say good-bye to bunched up sleeves and getting out the door frustrations.

leggings - 34.99

Fleece-lined bamboo leggings for kids. My 4 year old son calls these his most comfy pants. He has recently started to refuse to wear any other pants. Seriously. There are actual tears when other pants are even being suggested. Need I say more? They really are that comfortable.

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