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For Dad

World Time Sport E Ink Watch

If a sportier, travel-friendly look is more your dad's style, the World Time Sport E Ink Watch debuts a buttonless touch lens and the ability to select from 24 time zones for one display mode. The World Time Sport also allows you to optionally (and simultaneously) display a second time of your choice and features a curved, electronic ink display (the same technology found in the Amazon Kindle). The band is sweat resistant and the watch is water resistant up to 30 meters. MSRP: $99.

Philips PowerTouch PT860

Updating Dad’s look doesn’t have to cost a ton. The Philips PowerTouch PT860 is only $69 and has a pop up trimmer that will get Dad experimenting with facial hairstyles.  Just make sure to mentally prepare for Dad’s soul patch at the next family dinner. For more information, visit



Taking pictures of your little one is as easy as 1-2-3 with the ShutterBuddy™! With an ingenious cover placed over the camera in a bold black-and-white pattern, your baby's attention is captured for the photo! Fasten the strap over the camera, adjust to make sure the flash is clear, and start taking pictures – it’s that easy! The ShutterBuddy™ fits almost any digital camera or cell phone and folds up neatly. Available for $14.95 at

Gonto Bags

 Fill up with toys for a long car ride, perfect for a sleepover or a day at the beach. Throw a blanket and snacks and head to the game. The drawstring closure makes it easy to open and close. The three pockets are for smaller items like money, keys, ipod, phone, or water bottle. The adjustable black nylon strap with shoulder cushion is easy to grab. Clip a key chain collection onto the thick metal D-ring.  Gonto bags are lined with nylon and come in eight colours in three fabrics; cotton, corduroy, or nylon. Visit


EDITOR'S NOTE: In the past, my husband has been left toting the family's gear around in cartoony backpacks or bags from my shopping escapades. Ever since I introduced him to our corduroy Gonto Bag, he's been a lot less mortified when we've packed up our sports gear/snow gear/over-night gear. It's a great looking, totally functional bag!

The Tunebug Shake

The Tunebug Shake is an ultra-portable sound generator for bike, ski and skate helmets, which can be connected to iPods, MP3 players, mobile phones, or any other portable music device wirelessly using Bluetooth technology or by audio cable. When mounted on one of these helmets, the Shake creates a surround sound experience and provides a great solution for bikers, skateboarders and skiers to avoid the danger of being unaware of their surrounding by having earphones in. It has a rechargeable battery with about 5 hours of playtime and charges via the included USB cord. Fill your helmet with surround sound music for $119.95 at

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