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Go Vacation - Wii

The Reviewers:

Faith, age 9: Loves taking care of orphan kitties and eating chocolate chips on spaghetti.

Shepherd, age (almost) 8: Loves LEGO!!!!!!!!!!

The Product:

Go Vacation captures the fun and adventure of kayaking, surfing, skydiving, horseback riding, tennis, sniping, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, street racing, dancing and much.  With full support for the full line of Nintendo Wii accessories, including the Wii Fit Board, the Wii Motion Plus and the Wii Zapper Light Gun, the game acts as the perfect showcase for the system’s intuitive motion controls. With so much fun content to explore, Go Vacation is slated to be the must-have game for Wii families everywhere.

The Feedback:

Tell us about the Wii game, Go Vacation.

Faith: It's a good example of what you should do on vacations, and it really makes your imagination come out.

Shepherd: In the game, you go racing, quadding, snowboarding, scuba-diving, surfing, driving...

What is your favourite part of the video game?

Faith: I like snowmobiling through the crystal tunnel.

Shepherd: My favourite part is racing in cars.


What would you like to see in the game that isn't there?

Faith: If you could make cats because I like cats more than dogs but you can only have dogs in the game.

Shepherd: Forrests.


Would you spend your allowance money on Go Vacation?

Faith: Maybe.

Shepherd: Probably not.


How many stars, out of five, would you give Go Vacation?

Faith: 4.5 stars

Shepherd: 3.5 stars


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