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4Cats Summerside Birthday Parties

December 28th, 2016

When it comes to indoor birthday parties Edmonton has a plethora of options. When I was planning my youngest's 5th birthday I took into account his love of creating art. He and his sister are always big fans of activities that involve using their imagination and an end result. I also wanted it to be very special because this was his first birthday party on his actual birthday. Being born December 23rd we've found most of his friends out of town for Christmas Holiday's when it came time to do invites but this year, Dec 23 was the last day of school. He had a half day at playschool but the afternoon was open for a party without the big kids - just him and his friends! Where was I going to find some place that he could do something creative, with friends from 4-5 yrs, but quickly - so all of us moms could get the older kids from school after?

So I checked out the 4Cats Summerside website. With 19 different themes for kids parties my son had a hard time choosing. I spoke with the curator/owner Michelle and she said the party wouldn't take long at all, max 1 hr 45 min. We booked a Star Force Party and the little man then asked every week if it was time for his birthday party. 

When it finally was the day we headed straight to 4Cats Summerside from playschool. Living in the West End you might think it's a bit of a trip but with the Henday and the Whitemud it really takes no time at all to get to Summerside, even on the last day before Christmas holidays. :)  I had hot dogs going in the crock pot, fruit, veggies and cupcakes for snacks on one table. Michelle set all the kids up with chalk boards while we waited for all the guests to arrive. 

When our friends were all there we got started with the rules - our fave being "No Big Deal". Michelle is so amazing with the kids. She's patient and in a fun way manages to keep even the littlest focus on the task at hand.  

Then all the fun began! When they were starting to get distracted Michelle taught them to respond to her "Whoop Whoop" with their own "Whoop Whoop". The steps were laid out in an easily understandable way, no frustration just lots of hands on fun! 




 When we were all done building the little creations lined up on the pan to head into the baker! 


During the time they were baking, we had some eats and opened presents. It was the perfect amount of time. We even had a friend there from Fort Saskatchewan who had plenty of time to get home for her older kids pick up. And possibly one of the BEST parts - no goodies bags necessary as all the kids got to take home their creations! 

My son says it was the best party ever and he thinks Michelle is just the Cats Meow! 

All the prices and themes are right online -> and you can book it online as well. It's super convenient! They even have parties for adults which is now on my list of birthday ideas for myself :)

My son, his friends and all us moms were super impressed and can't wait to go back for more fun at 4Cats Summerside! 

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