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Bubblebum Junkie & Sneck Pillow

May 19th, 2016

Our Associate Publishers family took a road trip to BC. Six hours with a 3 & 5 year old in our Ford Flex= good times! Bubblebum wanted to know what we thought of their new products - the Sneck Pillow and the Junkie.

What we thought


- My daughter never sleeps in the car. She hasn't since she was little and as a 5yr old does not nap anymore. She snuggled up with the Sneck and got a good half hour in. It was a miracle!

- My son's car seat doesn't have a cup holder so he thought it was "Pretty cool" that he finally had a reachable place that wasn't in his lap for his water.

- The trays were great for sitting their activity box on, and a few of the snacks we brought too!

- We didn't use the tech viewer - mom wasn't smart enough to put any movies on it before we left - but we did test it out by setting it up and it's pretty sturdy!

- We also didn't take advantage of the "junk" holder portion in the middle - because everything was out in the car anyway but once we were home and all unpacked, I tided up their toys into it which was incredibly handy!


- The pillow: I have no idea how they could make this better. It was perfect & I have no improvement ideas at all!

- There were only two challenges with the Junkie. Keeping in mind that it was designed for kids out of the child seats & more for those in boosters.

My daughter was hoping the tray was a little bigger but that's just her. During the design/testing phase they made the tray table bigger and it caused the Junkie to tip - that's not a good idea......also, they found that most kids didn't like the tray to completely block them in front. The way it all folds up is great & keeps the product itself so compact - a wonderful feature!

Because we use car seats rather than boosters, we had to put one of our bags in behind to bring the Junkie forward so that it was accessible to them. When they move into boosters and have their backs right against the seats we won't need to do that anymore!

We are very excited to have added these two awesome products to our vehicle and cannot WAIT for the next road trip. Thanks to Bubblebum for creating such great products that make travel easier for parents and kids alike!

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