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Designer Childhood

June 1st, 2015

Have you ever received a package in the mail that you had no idea what it contained but you knew it was going to be an awesome surprise? That's what Designer Childhood is like. You know you get this box of goodies and it's like Christmas. You can't wait to try everything on your LO and show them off. 

For me, getting this box was just like that - with the added bonus of the fact that I don't know trends (like at all) so suddenly my wee man was one cool cat! Dressed better than mom really!

The Toms really impressed me because his feet are impossible to buy shoes for. The tops are just crazy thick and everything is too tight on top but these have VELCRO on both sides of the tongue so he can get in them AND they stay on. The Crowns and Coroknits "Drink the Wild Air" shirt is so cool - and soft, just like the pants. He was crazy comfortable at playschool and with no buttons, going solo to the bathroom was easy peasy. The whole outfit just looks so cool - leaving it to professionals definitely works for this mama!

They've just launched October 1st and you've got a choice of 4 great boxes. It's so fun! The fact that it is owned & operated by a local #yegmama just makes it even more fantastic.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook & Instagram as they've got give aways going on right now AND lots of awesome sneak peeks for what's in store.

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