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Metro Adult Continuing Education Class

March 12th, 2017

Metro Continuing Education invited me to take one of their Adult Continuing Education classes recently and I had a hard time deciding which one to take - there are so many great options! 

Although my class was paid for, all opinions are my own.

I asked my friend, Allison, you may know her from Instagram, Adventures of the Hopkins @Ally.Hopkins, if any piqued her interest and she said she would join me at a Flower Crown workshop. This is one of the new, one session, Floral DIY courses Metro is offering. We attended just this past week in March, here we are just sitting down to get started. 


Instructor Alex Bezos brought with her many fresh flowers and even a few silk flowers to work with. 

 We started working with the wire and tape, which once we got going, we all got the hang of wrapping! 

We used this beauty as our base, naturally, it's the one I neglected to write down but it's pretty! I learned the names of all the flowers we used! I was actually surprised because I expected to learn the basics but so many tips, tricks and advice was shared.

 The start of our crowns! 

We learned a lot about what flowers aren't good to use in flower crowns. I didn't know that some flowers are just too delicate or wilt too quickly. Another thing I didn't know was that some flowers spend 2 weeks on a truck coming to Edmonton, it's amazing to me! 

The magic florist glue! This stuff is seriously awesome. 

Then we moved on to creating a second crown, this time with Curly Willow and roses - standard and garden, another thing I learned! 



It was a really great night! The instructor Alex, was not only helpful but funny and made the learning fun as well! A great instructor can make all the difference to what you take away. She gave us instructions for keeping our flower crowns healthy for a few days, as well as tips on what to do if we decide to make more in the future. How far ahead of an event, how long they can last in the right situations and which flowers are the hardiest. 

Allison had this to say "I really liked it; it was informative, concise, visual and upbeat!"

And naturally, my kiddos had to try them on the next morning ;) Thanks Metro! 

Visit their website to find a great adult personal enrichment class that interests you ->

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