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Polar Stroller Skis

November 2nd, 2015

Two Moms Reviews

Alberta Mom 1

The reviewer: Naomi – mother of a 6 month old and soon to be practicing as a family physican. 

The feedback:

I’m writing this review because I love this product for numerous reasons, and also because I constantly get stopped and asked about them when I’m out and about. Polar Stroller ski attachments are a relatively new product and families in snowy climates will benefit from them immensely. They are affordable and made locally in Calgary by a creative couple who wanted to be able to get outside easily during the winter months with their baby. They are custom designed to attach to the wheels of any type of stroller, both 4-wheeled and 3-wheeled. The product is well-made and sturdy, and takes me about a minute and a half to put them on or take them off again. They come in a nice bag that I keep slung over the handlebars of my stroller for storage. 

My Polar Stroller skis have allowed me to easily take my baby out for walks in snowy and icy conditions with confidence. It is amazing to glide past other parents struggling on city sidewalks and pathways while they look on with envy! They make for an extremely smooth ride for my little one. I have found them especially useful after a fresh snowfall before the plows get out, or on pathways that have had a slushy melt followed by a freeze. I’ve also used my Polar Strollers while snowshoeing – another great way to get outside with the family (they are fabulous on wide sections although they probably wouldn’t be appropriate for a steep or narrow route). Polar Strollers have gotten me out and about many days so far this winter getting fresh air and exercise with my baby when otherwise we would have been stuck indoors getting cabin fever. 

In summary, Polar Strollers are a must for parents who like to be outdoors with their family in our climate. They are sold exclusively online; check them out at or on Facebook. 

Alberta Mom 2

*for privacy this parent did not want their name used.

I have a 12 month old baby and am expecting my second in May 2015. We live in Alberta and we like to be outdoors, even with a little baby + the second on its way + also when my husband might not be able to accompany us. 

During the winter months Polar Stroller Skis allow me to remain active and outdoors even when the conditions outside are quite cold or there is lots of new snow and the pathways/trails are not groomed. 

Here are just a few thoughts as to why:

- I have quite a good weather, lightweight stroller (with very small wheels) that would just work when sidewalks / trails are cleared. After a night of snowfalls I can't just go for a walk anywhere without checking if that Park has been cleared already.  With Polar Stroller Skis I can. This saves time and nerves.

- I can't use the backpack/carrier due to pregnancy and others might not want to use it because it might be slippery, the baby is too heavy or because you just can't keep the baby as cozy in a backpack as you can in the stroller (with foot muff, blankets and snowsuit)

- Polar Stroller Skis are easy to put on and take off your stroller. You just place them under your wheels, lock them and off you go.

- I can let my daughter run through the snow and put her back in the stroller within an instant. It takes much longer with a carrier or backpack (With a carrier u would not want a snow soaked baby under your jacket.)

- Even in deep snow you can go for a walk when you take your snowshoes.  So even exercising becomes possible with the Polar Stroller Skis. 

I highly recommend it for anybody with small children who want to stay active in the winter.

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