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June 25th, 2015

My 20 month old has been using this bike since the first day we go it. We take a walk every couple of days, he loves it and gets so excited as soon as he sees it. He hasn’t mastered using the pedals yet but we wanted to be part of a charity bike parade in our city, so we had the opportunity to use it with that as well! 

What we love:

-          The seat belt. Keeps him very secure while still allowing him to reach the pedals if he feels like trying them out.

-          The steering is great! The handle that we get to use really keeps them on track.

-          The phone! Having this additional little toy meant he didn’t get frustrated when my 3 yr old wanted to stop and look at things. He likes to move, so when he wasn’t moving he had something to do.

-          The parent bag and tipping basket were amazingly convenient for sunglasses, keys, wallet – even my iPhone so we could have tunes while we walked and my diaper bag.

**Highly Recommended**

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