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***Local Product*** Rhynopack is a uniquely Albertan product!

At Rhynopack, they feel smartphones serve as the lifeline to the people, places and things we care about most. However, battery life is still an issue with these devices, now more than ever. Whether you’re on a road trip with the family, out running errands, or spending the day at one of Edmonton’s amazing festival, when your phone's charge drops below 20%, battery anxiety can knock you off your game.

Their mission is to keep people connected. To accomplish this goal, they’ve introduced the Rhynopack, a tough, powerful and versatile battery charger.

  • Rhynopack is tough.  With the EVA case, consumers don’t have to worry about their battery charger getting scratched, crushed or damaged when they’re on the go
  • Rhynopack is powerful. One model will keep a user’s phone charged for ~5 days
  • Rhynopack is versatile. It comes ready to charge any smartphone, tablet, camera or GoPro (or other video-capturing device) that charges via USB. They can even do flip-phones - just ask us how!

For people on the go who need to stay connected, Rhynopack delivers the freedom to power your world. Stay charged, live more.

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Eyn Case for iPhone 5/5s

A genius little phone case with hidden storage that holds your daily essentials all in one place!

just grab it and go — out to dinner, for a night on the town, off to yoga, down to the beach, wherever.

holds everything you need — phone, cash, cards, i.d., keys, tickets, lip balm, mints, and other must-haves — in one magic little compartment.

secure. protective phone case with protective clasp keeps your essentials safely in place.

smart. travel light with the freedom to leave your bag or wallet behind. There’s even a mirror for quick touch-ups. It’s a clear-cut case of less is more!

simple. kickstand feature makes watching videos and chatting easy, or place on your dashboard for GPS navigation 

eyn. created for people on the go.

For more information visit


The ThermaCELL Lantern operates on a single butane cartridge, which heats a repellent mat releasing allethrin, a synthetic copy of a natural insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers, into the air creating a 15 x 15 ft comfort zone. The portable lantern silently releases an odorless natural insecticide into the air so people can enjoy their picnic or time outside carefree. MSRP $29.99 (Patio Lantern pictured)

The Halo Belt 2.0

The Halo Belt was created to let you be seen in low visibility situations.  It’s perfect for kids walking home from school or anytime conditions lower visibility.  Your child can sling it over his shoulder or attach it to her backpack to get instant visibility.

The Halo Belt 2.0 is an illuminated reflective belt that is bright and rechargeable.  It works by using a combination of 3M super reflectives and a custom designed fiber optic system.  The belt recharges in two hours via USB and provides 36 hours of use in flash mode.

The Halo Belt 2.0 works better than reflective clothing and strips because those only illuminate when a light source shines on it.  With the Halo Belt 2.0 the wearer is illuminated at all times.


Pi Dock-It Pro

The Pi Dock-It Pro from Parle Innovations (Pi) is a laptop quality protective case with an integrated full-size Bluetooth keyboard, Apple-style “Chiclet” keys and recognizes convenient sort-cut keys for frequent actions and navigating spreadsheets. The innovative rotating lid allows the user to convert from laptop mode to table mode in one slide action, allows for camera use and features a kickstand built in for improved ergonomics. For more information, visit

Etón Boost 8400

This sleek battery pack can fully charge most smartphones three times and can charge any tablet along with other USB devices simultaneously. With this backup power pack featuring a rechargeable 8400mAH lithium battery, you'll never be caught without power again. Give it a quick shake and the LED lights will show how much charge you have left. Available at

Pelican ProGear Protector Case

Slimmer and lighter than other smartphone case designs, the Pelican ProGear Protector Series Case for the iPhone 5 offers two levels of protection. With a tough layer of protection on the outside and a soft lining on the inside, the Pelican ProGear Protector case deflects energy and cushions your phone preventing damage. For more information, visit $39.95

Acase: SuperLeggera Pro

Dual Layer Protection for iPhone 5, 4, 4S and Samsung S3

  • Light weight combination provides ultimate protection
  • Outer polycarbonate plastic prevents scratches and fingerprints
  • Inner flexible silicon jacket protects against bumps and shocks
  • Flexible covers shield headphone jack and charging port from dirt and dust
  • Available in orange, purple, green, red, pink, white, black and yellow
  • $12.95 and up

MAPi Cases

MAPi Cases ( offers a variety of high-quality leather iPhone, iPad cases and BlackBerry cases that also serve as stands, wallets and compact briefcases.

Each case is hand made in Turkey from the highest quality, 100% pure cowhide leather. The luxurious feel of the leather is great to hold, provides great protection of Dad’s device and, most importantly, makes him look good.


The best value Action MP3 Player on the market, and the world’s smallest, the G5 delivers superb audio quality up to 10 Ft underwater. The G5 clips onto goggles or fastens onto headband, armband, or belt for swim-anywhere, go-anywhere, sweat anywhere listening pleasure. End forever the boredom of lap swimming or just enjoy the novelty of hearing music, audio books, talk radio, news, sports in the water, on the beach, while surfing, scuba diving, skiing, sailing, exercising showering, outdoors walking, running, any activity! For more information, visit

COLOUD for Kids

Coloud is a new line of headphones providing no-nonsense functionality and safe listening. These headphones represent minimalism at its best and have been stripped of all unnecessary details, making them easy to use for anyone, at any age. With very affordable prices and simple, yet distinctive design, Coloud is the tech must-have for kids today.

More kid-friendly qualities:

  • Headphones are increadibly light-weight and contain minimal moveable parts, making them strong enough to withstand the pressures of everday listening (and not-so-gentle hands!)
  • Sit on top of the ear rather than 'cupping' ears like some other styles. This allows parents to hear if children have turned the volume up too loud.
  • Foam padding rest comfortably on ears and stay put during activities.
  • comes with a 'Tangle-Free System,' so kids can avoid the 'cord clump' when transporting their Coloud from boom-box to backpack.

Retails for $37 and is available in two fun colour options: Blocks for contrast, or Transitions for a tonal look.

Sport-Fi M6 Earbuds

The Sport-Fi M6 earphone line offers an acoustically advanced, clear and accurate sound from any portable music or DVD player, while the practical over-the-ear design keeps with stainless steel memory wire to hold the cable securely for maximum comfort and stability even during the most intense workouts and activities. The eight color options let you choose the look that suits Mom best, and a practical over-the-ear design holds the earphones securely over the ear, giving the M6 a comfortable, secure fit whether Mom is at the gym, on the go, or at home.

Turtle Shell

Built-for-action, water and dust resistant Bluetooth boom box coming soon to a party, mountain or beach near you

  • Unique design and rugged functionality speaker with Hi-Fi sound and deep bass
  • Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 10 hours of sound
  • Integrated controls to control tracks, volume and calls. Built-in Microphone
  • Water and IP5X dust resistant
  • Variety of colours including white, red, blue, green, pink and sea foam
  • Outfitted with mounting accessories for bicycle handle bar or stroller including a clip notch and the Turtle Claw
  • First ever camera threading on a speaker

Available at:  

Price: $ 149.95


The iPad is an entertainment and education tool great for kids and for parents, but the tablet can be tough for small hands to carry and hold, and difficult to set up for viewing in a car, on a plane or at bedtime. Allow the Native Union Gripster ($49.99) to provide effortless carrying, holding and standing.  

The protective Gripster case features a handle that makes carrying and holding super simple and helps keep peanut butter-and-jelly hands from dirtying the iPad itself. The handle then transforms into a stand with 360-degree viewing options so kids and parents can watch, play and interact in landscape or portrait mode or even hang the iPad on a wall!

The Wedge by Toddy Gear

Beanbag-like stand for your iPhone, Android, iPad mini, E-Reader, GPS or gaming devices without removing the case

  • Made with 100% microfiber for wiping screens clear ofsmudges and fingerprints
  • Dual-sided: Plush side to clean and silky side to polish screens
  • No need for messy liquids or sprays that can harm your screen
  • Antimicrobial coating, preventing the build up of mold and mildew
  • Machine washable


Sprayground is an exclusive lifestyle brand selling deluxe backpacks and accessories.  Conceptualized for the consumer who is consistently on the go and carries his or her life in a bag, Sprayground provides a solution for the fashion savvy person who relies on a durable and comfortable bag.

Sprayground’s sleek construction and hidden features visually stand out from its category and really create a bold statement.  Sprayground can be found in today's hottest boutiques and retail stores in over 8 countries.  Sprayground Bags are made from durable polyester fabric and feature a sleek construction with hidden features, such as velour Laptop, Tablet and sunglass compartments, ergonomic padded back support, and stash pockets- just to name a few.

Fodeez Frames

Fodeez Frames are a line of reusable picture frames and dry erase boards in one inspired by kids and created by a mompreneur. Special mom-themed designs available! For more information, visit

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