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My week with the Ford Fusion Titanium

With a lot of travel and rental cars, I've had the pleasure of driving numerous vehicles over the last several years. Recently, I got to demo the 2015 Ford Fusion Titanium which I imagined would be just a standard sedan, so I honestly wasn't overly excited. When I picked it up though, I was delighted to find so much more than a regular old sedan. It has a sporty and clean exterior, with two-tone black and red leather interior (love the red leather!). This car showcased a much flashier vehicle than I was anticipating and I was suddenly interested in finding out what other surprises I was in for.

Space & Comfort:
I normally drive a large SUV and am used to a lot of space. The Fusion was much roomier than I expected and my over 6ft husband and giant teenage sons all fit, in both the front and back seats comfortably with head room to spare. The bucket front seats with power controls were extremely comfortable, something I have not found in most sedans. It sits a little low to the ground so the one trip I took with my elderly mother made it a bit difficult for her to get in and out... So she didn't want me to drive her around the rest of that week (score!). Oh and the trunk is huge! I could fit 3, maybe 4 of my teenagers in there! Not that I would... but a mom can dream.

Tech & Gadgets:
The tech features are fantastic! There are so many options to control from the dash and steering wheel; I know I didn't master all of them in the week. I am all about driving safety and setting a good example for my teens with hands-free only. The Fusion allowed me to do that better than another other vehicle I've driven. My husband struggled a little with figuring out all the features and found it a bit confusing, but I was well on my way and loving it. Adaptive cruise control, lane and parking assist, Bluetooth and voice sync, steering wheel controls for almost everything and super awesome power/heated seats. This car is loaded with everything I could imagine.

The 2.0L EcoBoost engine had LOTS of pick up and the low frame plus comfy seats let me feel like I was driving a sports car. I had to pay a little more attention and actually used the cruise control, even at lower speeds, to keep myself from excitedly speeding. Parking was a breeze with a great turning radius and made for smooth handling of tight curves. Gas mileage was incredible and I only filled up to return it, spending less than half of what I normally do in my regular vehicle.

After driving it for a week I will tell you it looks so much more stylish, sporty and appealing than the plain old "sedan" I was expecting; but the ride comfort, handling, fuel economy and numerous options are why the Ford Fusion blew me away. I couldn't have imagined going back to a car after years in SUVs, but I would buy this car! 

Bubblebum Junkie & Sneck Pillow

Our Associate Publishers family took a road trip to BC. Six hours with a 3 & 5 year old in our Ford Flex= good times! Bubblebum wanted to know what we thought of their new products - the Sneck Pillow and the Junkie.

What we thought


- My daughter never sleeps in the car. She hasn't since she was little and as a 5yr old does not nap anymore. She snuggled up with the Sneck and got a good half hour in. It was a miracle!

- My son's car seat doesn't have a cup holder so he thought it was "Pretty cool" that he finally had a reachable place that wasn't in his lap for his water.

- The trays were great for sitting their activity box on, and a few of the snacks we brought too!

- We didn't use the tech viewer - mom wasn't smart enough to put any movies on it before we left - but we did test it out by setting it up and it's pretty sturdy!

- We also didn't take advantage of the "junk" holder portion in the middle - because everything was out in the car anyway but once we were home and all unpacked, I tided up their toys into it which was incredibly handy!


- The pillow: I have no idea how they could make this better. It was perfect & I have no improvement ideas at all!

- There were only two challenges with the Junkie. Keeping in mind that it was designed for kids out of the child seats & more for those in boosters.

My daughter was hoping the tray was a little bigger but that's just her. During the design/testing phase they made the tray table bigger and it caused the Junkie to tip - that's not a good idea......also, they found that most kids didn't like the tray to completely block them in front. The way it all folds up is great & keeps the product itself so compact - a wonderful feature!

Because we use car seats rather than boosters, we had to put one of our bags in behind to bring the Junkie forward so that it was accessible to them. When they move into boosters and have their backs right against the seats we won't need to do that anymore!

We are very excited to have added these two awesome products to our vehicle and cannot WAIT for the next road trip. Thanks to Bubblebum for creating such great products that make travel easier for parents and kids alike!

My Buckle Mate

Last month I won (the ECM) My Buckle Mate contest. They have arrived and are fantastic. My children no longer get frustrated trying to fumble with the seat belt buckles, even adult passengers in my vehicle love them.

Thank you so much. This really is a great product that I highly recommend to others.

~Dina V.

Polar Stroller Skis

Two Moms Reviews

Alberta Mom 1

The reviewer: Naomi – mother of a 6 month old and soon to be practicing as a family physican. 

The feedback:

I’m writing this review because I love this product for numerous reasons, and also because I constantly get stopped and asked about them when I’m out and about. Polar Stroller ski attachments are a relatively new product and families in snowy climates will benefit from them immensely. They are affordable and made locally in Calgary by a creative couple who wanted to be able to get outside easily during the winter months with their baby. They are custom designed to attach to the wheels of any type of stroller, both 4-wheeled and 3-wheeled. The product is well-made and sturdy, and takes me about a minute and a half to put them on or take them off again. They come in a nice bag that I keep slung over the handlebars of my stroller for storage. 

My Polar Stroller skis have allowed me to easily take my baby out for walks in snowy and icy conditions with confidence. It is amazing to glide past other parents struggling on city sidewalks and pathways while they look on with envy! They make for an extremely smooth ride for my little one. I have found them especially useful after a fresh snowfall before the plows get out, or on pathways that have had a slushy melt followed by a freeze. I’ve also used my Polar Strollers while snowshoeing – another great way to get outside with the family (they are fabulous on wide sections although they probably wouldn’t be appropriate for a steep or narrow route). Polar Strollers have gotten me out and about many days so far this winter getting fresh air and exercise with my baby when otherwise we would have been stuck indoors getting cabin fever. 

In summary, Polar Strollers are a must for parents who like to be outdoors with their family in our climate. They are sold exclusively online; check them out at or on Facebook. 

Alberta Mom 2

*for privacy this parent did not want their name used.

I have a 12 month old baby and am expecting my second in May 2015. We live in Alberta and we like to be outdoors, even with a little baby + the second on its way + also when my husband might not be able to accompany us. 

During the winter months Polar Stroller Skis allow me to remain active and outdoors even when the conditions outside are quite cold or there is lots of new snow and the pathways/trails are not groomed. 

Here are just a few thoughts as to why:

- I have quite a good weather, lightweight stroller (with very small wheels) that would just work when sidewalks / trails are cleared. After a night of snowfalls I can't just go for a walk anywhere without checking if that Park has been cleared already.  With Polar Stroller Skis I can. This saves time and nerves.

- I can't use the backpack/carrier due to pregnancy and others might not want to use it because it might be slippery, the baby is too heavy or because you just can't keep the baby as cozy in a backpack as you can in the stroller (with foot muff, blankets and snowsuit)

- Polar Stroller Skis are easy to put on and take off your stroller. You just place them under your wheels, lock them and off you go.

- I can let my daughter run through the snow and put her back in the stroller within an instant. It takes much longer with a carrier or backpack (With a carrier u would not want a snow soaked baby under your jacket.)

- Even in deep snow you can go for a walk when you take your snowshoes.  So even exercising becomes possible with the Polar Stroller Skis. 

I highly recommend it for anybody with small children who want to stay active in the winter.

Feel Fabulous ECM Review

Click here to open the PDF and view this article. Visit Feel Fabulous online, on Facebook and on Twitter.

The amazing article photography was taken by Lorraine Marie Fotography. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter. See more of the amazing photo's of what's in store during a Feel Fabulous spa party on LM Photography's blog.

BUMBLERIDE – INDY 4 compact, lightweight all-terrain stroller

We are so delighted with this stroller! With its bassinet and adjustable footrest features, it will be the only stroller we ever need.

First off, it was a very easy to assemble. It is light and all the pieces clicked and attached as per the instructions. After assembling many baby products in my time, I was surprised to be able to construct in less than 15 minutes and without getting frustrated. It collapses and stows extremely easily and the four wheels feel so much more safe and stable than with a jogger. The storage basket is roomy and fits both my diaper bag and my giant mom-purse.

I love the look (cayenne red) and my baby fits perfectly in the simple to adjust safety harness and reclining seat. It manoeuvres like a sports car with a very tight turning radius and the handle is perfect for one-handed driving... while I’m holding my coffee in the mall. We had a load of snow this month and I was concerned about being able to push it through our new powder, but had no problem at all. I can’t wait to take it on our trip to the mountains next month.

We also have the Footmuff and Liner accessory which makes our outdoor treks even better with baby J snuggled in the cozy confines of his Indy4.

I highly recommend this stroller to anyone who enjoys urban living (for the look, lightness and comfort) but also likes to get out in the elements and on the trails without getting stuck or flipping over. It’s awesome!

Gwen G. - Edmonton

Tickety Toc long-sleeve tees

The Reviewer:

Christine, mother of two kids (a 3 1/2 year old and a 1yr old).

The Product:

Get the whole family styled-up the Tickety Toc way with brand-new Tickety Toc long-sleeve tees (five assorted styles for boys and girls)!  Available at Wal Mart and

The Feedback:

What did you like?

My daughter has been watching Tickety Toc since it came on Disney Junior so when she saw this shirt, she was so excited to wear it. I almost couldn't get it off her for bedtime.

What could be improved?

Not a thing. It's been washed a couple times now and the picture is still holding up.

Any comments?

I love being able to buy character/TV personality ;) clothes at an affordable price!


My 20 month old has been using this bike since the first day we go it. We take a walk every couple of days, he loves it and gets so excited as soon as he sees it. He hasn’t mastered using the pedals yet but we wanted to be part of a charity bike parade in our city, so we had the opportunity to use it with that as well! 

What we love:

-          The seat belt. Keeps him very secure while still allowing him to reach the pedals if he feels like trying them out.

-          The steering is great! The handle that we get to use really keeps them on track.

-          The phone! Having this additional little toy meant he didn’t get frustrated when my 3 yr old wanted to stop and look at things. He likes to move, so when he wasn’t moving he had something to do.

-          The parent bag and tipping basket were amazingly convenient for sunglasses, keys, wallet – even my iPhone so we could have tunes while we walked and my diaper bag.

**Highly Recommended**

More information about smarTrike


A couple of years ago, my kids’ school announced that they were going “waste-free”. We quickly switched over to bento-style lunch boxes, effectively eliminating all of the garbage they would throw out every day, but there was no solution for their sticky fingers and messy faces. The kids recently tried Funkins, these adorable, re-usable cloth napkins, and they were a hit! The bright colours add a splash of fun to their lunches, they have something soft to wipe up with, and they’re so simple to wash and have ready for the next day! These are a must-have for any family intent on helping the environment and adding an extra touch of love to mealtimes.

More information about Funkins


Click the image for more information

The Reviewer:

Christine, mother of two kids (a 2 1/2 year old and an almost 8 month old).

The Product:

Kleyanimals (pronounced Clean-Ih-Mals) are a non-toxic, eco-friendly, stainless steel set of decorative keys, which satisfy baby's desire to play with metal keys, without risking lead contamination, injury from sharp edges, or the germs that cover our keys. Eli the Elephant, Gus the Giraffe, and Leo the Lion are the sweetest keys we've seen are safe little toys for babies. Available at for $24, with personalization available.

The Feedback:

"What did you like?"

How much my LO liked them. He loved looking at them, jingling them & even gumming them. A great distraction.

"What did you not like? (What could be improved?)"

They are a little heavy, I was concerned he might bonk himself in the head with them but he hasn’t done so yet.


Overall, it’s a fun product and a safe alternative to the house keys he always wants to play with!

Skylar Luna Sleepwear

Click the image for more information

The Reviewer:

Christine, mother of two kids (a 2 1/2 year old and an almost 8 month old).

The Product:

A modern mix of California-inspired style and feel-good fabrics, Skylar Luna is eco-friendly sleepwear for the trendsetters of tomorrow. Created to give parents a social- and style-conscious kids’ sleepwear alternative, Skylar Luna combines superior comfort with contemporary design and the peace of mind provided by chemical-free, 100%-organic cotton.

Defined by a sunny and free-spirited disposition, Skylar Luna is set apart by smart details that benefit small bodies—while catering to parents through quality, and retailers through value and year-round availability. Skylar Luna’s streamlined style replaces busy, all-over prints and mass-market characters with imaginatively simple designs and yarn-dyed organic cotton washed in a sophisticated palette. Close-fitting two-piece silhouettes enable ease of movement. And super-supple fabric with flat interior seams keeps kids cozy, both at bedtime and beyond.  

The Feedback:

"What did you like?"

The fact that they are organic, soft and very cute. 

"What did you not like? (What could be improved?)"

Not a thing, they’ve even been washed a few times and haven’t lost shape, stretched or faded.


I’m going to look into buying some I liked them so much!

Fisher Price Apptivity Case

The Reviewer:

Christine, mother of (almost) two kids under two years old. (The new baby will arrive any time now!)

The Product:

Does your child enjoy your IPod Touch or Iphone almost more than you do?  Are you concerned about the drool, sticky fingers, accidental phone calls or the potential floor drop with your expensive tech goodie?

Well, you’re in luck. Fisher Price has created the Apptivity Case. You can use this sturdy case with your iPhone®, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch® 2nd, 3rd & 4th generation. It’s colourful, has textured handles & rattle beads to attract teething babies (vs chewing on the side of your device) and takes care of all your concerns – including that pesky home button, which is not accessible through the case. All you need to do is choose the app and get it ready. You place it in the case via the back which has squishy plastic to cradle your device and lock it in place. The lock itself that keeps the phone inside is open and closed using a flat tool such as a flathead screwdriver, butter knife, back of a spoon – that sort of thing. Your child can still utilize the touch screen, hear the sounds and in the case of the potential “Daisy Cow” or “Talking Animal” app even the microphone still works well. Fisher Price has created three free apps that you can download with cute little animals & music to teach them body parts, animal sounds and numbers.

The Feedback:

My daughter is 22 months and we’ve been using it a little over two weeks now. In line at the bank, grocery store, restaurants, even in the car. The case is very sturdy – I still wouldn’t want her to drop it and haven’t tested that. You obviously still receive incoming text notifications and when phone calls come in it disables that app. If a call does come in you’re not going to get the phone out of the case in time to answer it. In saying that, if it wasn’t locked in we all know resourceful toddlers that would figure out how it worked and have your phone out in a jiffy.

For the $10-$20 you’re going to pay for this case its well worth it. The Apptivity Case has saved me some tantrums and kept my daughter entertained when nothing else would – while keeping my piece of mind. Considering she’s dialed 911 on my phone before…and we all know how much the operators appreciate that.

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